Local Hosipital Gets $10,000 Donation by Northridge Dentist

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Northridge Hospital Gets Over $10,000.00 in Donations From Local Dentist’s Office Grand Opening Charity Event
NORTHRIDGE, Calif., Oct. 8– On September 17, the City of Los Angeles recognized local dentist, Alan R. Stein with a plaque for hosting the ‘Reasons to Smile’ benefit at the grand opening of [...]

Real Estate Flyers That Write Themsleves

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BRI Realty standardizes real estate flyer designs with Property PageMaker’s creative services and template-style online software.
BRI, Minnesota—In an effort to better manage their firm’s identity and reduce their workload, BRI Realty contracted Property PageMaker for their automated software that let’s agents build branded real estate flyers.
PropertyPageMaker.com based in Los Angeles, CA is a website that [...]

The HealthCare Solution Addresses Rising Costs for Insurance

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Most of us would agree with the quote “health is wealth!” But with rising costs of medical treatment and surgical procedures, you need to have a lot of “wealth” to protect and maintain good health.The HealthCare Solution is a leading California Health Insurance Provider for individuals, families and businesses.
If you are like the [...]