Real Estate Flyers That Write Themsleves

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BRI Realty standardizes real estate flyer designs with Property PageMaker’s creative services and template-style online software.
BRI, Minnesota—In an effort to better manage their firm’s identity and reduce their workload, BRI Realty contracted Property PageMaker for their automated software that let’s agents build branded real estate flyers. based in Los Angeles, CA is a website that [...]

Snoring Sufferers Find Solace and Sleep

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Snorers and sufferers of  Sleep Apnea oftentimes experience loss of sleep, irritability, and a diminished quality of life, as well as negative relationship effects.   This could possibly be a thing of the past.  Coming out of Oak Park, CA., SnoreSling™, a non-invasive fabric product that could help millions of sleep apnea and snoring sufferers, as [...]

Invoice Factoring For The Little Guys

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The people who make factoring affordble. has recently released an invoice factoring program for businesses who need to factor invoices as little as $5,000.  When most finance companies are  sticking to  a $50,000 minimum has opened its doors.
Factor Invoices has been helping businesses with corporate accounts access  funding though invoice discount factoring for [...]

Local Hosipital Gets $10,000 Donation by Northridge Dentist

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Northridge Hospital Gets Over $10,000.00 in Donations From Local Dentist’s Office Grand Opening Charity Event
NORTHRIDGE, Calif., Oct. 8– On September 17, the City of Los Angeles recognized local dentist, Alan R. Stein with a plaque for hosting the ‘Reasons to Smile’ benefit at the grand opening of [...]

Local SEO Firm Gives Marines A Helping Hand

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Sherman Oaks, CA–Connection Marketing, Inc.,  a search engine marketing and lead generation agency for small to mid sized businesses gives the Marines a helping hand in finding new recruits.
“I wanted to let you know something.  I saw how we are listed on Google now for the contact Marines in Fort Collins area. In the [...]